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Unparalleled Expertise and Service at New Standard - Exit 9: A Professional's Perspective Transitioning from Muskegon, a city abundant in cannabis dispensaries, to Spring Lake, where options are more scarce, I was intrigued to see what New Standard - Exit 9 had to offer. As someone deeply involved in the cannabis industry, both as a


Love this place. The flower, edibles and vapes I got are extremely high quality and at very reasonable prices (with the deals going on). The flower I've been getting over the last few months from multiple places in GR has been very meh(says 29% THC and you feel like you just smoked 15% stuff), at not the greatest prices either so I w




Easy ordering and curbside pickup, 5 stars for that, the product on the other hand was extremely dry, bought a $35 8th (3.5g), this should have been a top shelf product. It was all tiny popcorn nugs but worse than that it was way to dry, just crumbles when you squeeze it. The product I got next door to them was half the price and

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