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Very helpful, good deals. I


Cynthia gave me a great experience! Helped me find everything i was looking for and for a great deal! thank you!!


Service is always great.... Typically But, they didn't have the mighty fine quarter which is $20 for a 1/4 if I spent over $100. They only had 1/8 for $15. I asked to get two 1/8 (so a 1/4) for $30 since they were out of the 1/4 for $20. So, still willing to pay more for it.... The gal helping was kind enough to go ask if we could do


Just had an awful experience never coming here again… first off they couldn’t figure out how to pronounce my name and I overheard them laughing and making jokes trying to pronounce it. Then my friend and I both being 21 one year old females over heard the salesman make a comment that he’s gonna “make so much commission off us” sarcas


I stopped in right before close to get a deal that was advertised on the website. I was told by 2 different people they did not offer that deal in that store, that it was only available in other stores. I showed both of the girls that it was right on their Grand Haven website, and was still told no. I ended up speaking with who they

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